Monday, January 4, 2010

Survival New Year Movies

Back again after the Holiday Season with a couple of prepper movie recommendations for you. In both films, ordinary people must make terrible moral choices in a disaster environment. In both, those who survive are those who can adapt quickly, whether they have stocked up or not. Let's start the New Year off with planning for supplies, new skills, and pre planning what we will do morally in a sudden situation.

First up, a classic from the '60s, Panic in Year Zero. This one deals with off-the-cuff survival where the brain is shown to be the best survival tool. A family on holiday sees L.A taken out by a nuke, and they hear on the radio that several other U.S. cities have been hit. The family must cope with panicked refugees, profiteers, and roving human predators. A good, thought-provoking movie for the whole family. But for parents, best for older kids as film has several dead bodies, one [off-camera] rape scene, and several people [bloodlessly] shot.

The second movie was one that got very very limited release when it came out in the Fall of 2009, Carriers. The film follows two brothers and their girlfriends as they flee a pandemic of a hemorrhagic fever. The movie focuses more on the psychological stresses of survival than on tactics, though the elder brother blindly trusts in a few "rules" to help them pull through. Some of the errors in infection control are laughable but all in all, this is a movie that is worth watching and discussing with family or your survival group. This film is valuable for the moral questions it raises. For parents: this one is rated PG13 for violent shootings, some gore, and language.

What disaster films do you recommend?


Badrockbilly said...

I've liked a few books over the years that deal with survival of the elements. Some have been turned into movies. Survive The Savage Sea, Anapurna, Hey I'm Alive. Stories dealing with surviving in a large population would be interesting. I find the Argentinians blog and links very interesting

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I haven't seen any survival movies lately. I've heard Avatar has a great liberty message, but that's all I've been clued in to lately. I've not heard of either of the movies you mentioned. I'll have to put them on our Netflix cue. Thanks!

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