Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and books

Merry Christmas to all. Have a good Holiday with family and friends. Enjoy the past year's bounty. And remember the reason for the Season; the birth of the Redeemer (whether Jesus, Mithra, et al).

Two books I just finished might be good choices for New Year's reading. Both cover preparation through clear analysis of the problem areas rather than yet another doom and gloom Jerimiad. Both are written by experts in their respective fields.

The first, The Edge of Disaster, is a well written book about strengthening our nation's infrastructure against disasters of various sorts. It would be most useful to those involved in government planning though the author also includes several good suggestions for the individual prepper.

The author also advocates a great philosophy, proactive preparation. Not just "stocking up" or learning how to survive after the "big one" or TEOTWAWKI. It would also be very useful to anyone involved with CERT groups as the author provides good coverage of this level of preparedness.

The second book, Homeland Siege, deals with the spread of narcoterrorism and 4th generation war attacks on our nation. It makes for fascinating reading for those who like to "look behind the curtain" of current event reporting. This book covers our developing disaster exposure from foreign powers buying up critical infrastructure here and covers the Gramscian threat to our culture in clear, concise fashion. For those who might be wondering, this is not "militia nutcase" material. This author states facts , draws logical conclusions from said facts, and then suggests common sense solutions to the problems identified.

Very plausible crime wave scenarios in this book. And yes, it could happen in Montana; when I correlated the Montana gang coverage from the October '09 Crime Prevention Conference with what this author describes, I got a bit scared at the possibilities. A combination of our [thankfully] few Gramscian politicians, gang members, and compliant news media could turn Montana into a narcoterrorist-infested region. For an idea of what this would mean for us, read this book or read the factual news reports from Arizona, Los Angeles, and Canadian reports of their drug distribution hub in BC.

This book is also mainly useful to those involved in making policy or commanding security forces. But this author also includes ample material for the average citizen, even including ideas for political action (organizing for the disasters, pressuring politicians).

Not a book for those who read the Daily Kos and believe it is the "voice of truth",or believe BHO is the reason for the season. All in all, filled with information on disaster threats that are rarely discussed in the MSM as well as good suggestions for those who believe in prepping our society as well as our own family.

Merry Christmas to you all. Or as Party members say it: "Merry Solstice Proximate Federal Holiday".

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Kymber said...

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Montanta Preppers! We wish you all the best - from the Canadian Preppers Network!

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