Saturday, May 9, 2009

Little Fanfare, and Even Less Regulation

I heard about Montana's new gun law on Glenn Beck's radio show. He has a website at I wanted more information, so I went looking on the internet for more information--detailed articles and opinions, conversations about gun control and like-minded politicians--that I figured would be there. Unless I was looking in the wrong places, there wasn't much to find. I only found one article in my original search, and that article can be found here: .

That's very little fanfare for a law that says so much. However, information is information, limited as it may be, and according to said article, Montana has passed a law "that exempts from federal regulations any gun, gun accessory or ammunition made in the state and intended for use there." That is huge news buried in the web amidst posts written by people worried about firearm confiscation and possible changes in ammunition regulations. Why is this big news? If every state were to enact such a law, there would be no chance of losing our Second Amendment Rights, and it would mean more freedom.

What do Second Amendment rights and freedom have to do with prepping for emergencies? Quite a bit actually, if you read this post:

Over at the website Preparedness Pro ( you will see many reasons why you may need firearms and also need to depend on your Second Amendment rights in an emergency situation. What about freedom? There is a lot of freedom in not having to wait for others to help you and being able to legally take care of yourself in an emergency situation where you and/or your family are being threatened by someone who is willing to hurt you with whatever weapons they have at their disposal. There is the saying in various forms about only being able to keep what you are able to defend, and that also applies to emergency supplies.

Will other states follow suit and protect state's rights? One can only hope. On a second look at the internet just before writing this post (it's taken me a couple of days to get to this) I saw this article,, entitled, "Utah legislators eye Montana gun law". One of the reasons I have taken awhile to write this is because I expected it to be old news by now--that everyone would be talking about it. That isn't the case, apparently. As the title of this post indicates, there is very little fanfare about this, but it's something that I think everyone should know about. No federal regulations on firearms. If one state can do it, shouldn't every state be able to follow suit?

I hope everyone takes the chance to read about this legislation, and if they agree with it, to request that their own state officials draft similar legislation. If everyone took a stand, we would be better able to ensure our Second Amendment rights. I echo part of the last phrase quoted in the first linked article-- "Way to go, Montana..."

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