Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Civil Unrest #1

Today's post deals with the issue of civil unrest, here meant as the disruption in everyday society from a crisis such that the danger of crime and excessive State action (beyond that needed to cope with the emergency) rises sharply.

I am not trying to rehash theories and espouse activities related to the New World Order, rise of Dear Leader's centralization of power, or silly ideas such as RAHOWA. Though it could come down to such happenings. What I will try to do is sketch out some possible scenarios for civil disorder in Montana. This post will sketch out the three most likely: Party cadre trying to undermine Montana society to the level of California's Party controlled areas or of Party controlled Massachusetts, the wake of a major disaster here, and ultimate State power grab.

I believe that we can ameliorate the effects of civil unrest here through just focusing on what sets us apart from the mob; religion-based decency, cooperation with neighbors,etc. and our belief/action on the founding ideals of our country. We must be prepared for the civil unrest that goes with disaster or other crisis and not just rely on having enough supplies to see us through the crisis.

I do not advocate violence toward any group, except in defense of loved ones. I believe it is necessary for all of us to work together in crisis, not become divided by race, creed, or other orientation. Here endeth the disclaimer. Now to scenarios one and two.

We in Montana know that civil unrest is something that will pop up in California or New York or even Chicago, not here. We really don't have the "critical mass" of members-of-historically-disadvantaged-groups (MHDG) that Cali' or Michigan have. We are generally rational, get-along people here. So it can't happen here, right? Wrong.

We unfortunately have some members of the "professional agitator" cadre, followers of Saul Alinsky who seek to bring about the Glorious Revolution, in our cities and even a few in our State Legislature. These types are the ones who will not, in the words of Dear Leader's Chief of Staff, "let a crisis go to waste".

I was in Cali' during the Rodney King riots and I saw these professional revolutionaries, all White "radicals", firing up the crowd of MHDG to riot as I left work, for three days running. The riots followed within one hour of the "consciousness raising". These types are the ones who push for "cap and trade" in order to cripple our economy and make the peasants forced to rely on the State. These are the types who you will see agitating amongst First Nations people here in Montana if there was a disruption in food and fuel deliveries here or in the aftermath of an earthquake.

Their aim always is to balkanize the "peasants" so that the Party can gain more and more control. Instead of encouraging cooperation, as we all would do in a crisis, these Party cadre, and nascent looters, will try to turn one group against another for the sake of causing further disruption.

The easiest response to these warmed over hippies is to answer their "ringing rhetoric" with truth. Refute their lies as they speak them,write to the papers to counter their propaganda, don't spread their agitprop rumors, spread the truth, refute them, ridicule them publically (but beware their latter day SA toughs). If they succeed in setting off a riot, stay low until it burns itself out. Then support the Americans in cleaning up afterwords.

A good book for all decent Americans is Confrontational Politics, written by a former California State Senator who here provides good advice on how to keep our country out of the hands of these overaged "radicals" who haven't gotten over their juvenile dream of seeing their hero Fidel's revolution recreated here. The book is filled with advice that can be applied by the average citizen with the aim of neutralizing the Party's cadre and minions who seek to destroy our country during times of crisis.

But the best resource of all to use against these skollies and quasi-communists is just simply being a good person; maintaining good neighborliness, respect for those you deal with daily, and living your religion and the ideals upon which this country was founded. Again, Montana does not possess a "critical mass" of MHDGs for these human roaches to incite to riot on a large scale. Any attempt to do so in, say Bozeman, should result in normal Montanans quickly quelling the Marxist petrol-soaked rhetoric with common sense and appeals to the listeners' links and common values with the American and Montana communities. The more we focus on our commonalities, the less likely we are to fracture along partisan lines.

Enough Red baiting. Now let's consider the most likely civil disruption that could occur in Montana, post-disaster disruption. This is the hardest to deal with as it involves conflict with our dearest ideals and regression to primal levels. I am talking about how we will deal with hungry fellow Montanans who did not lay in supplies or make family emergency plans. And, of course, dealing with the looters.

We need to do more than just lay in the wheat, beans, water, and firewood in preparation for the coming disaster. We need to do more than just game potential family emergencies during earthquakes or wildland fires. We need to consider how we will answer the pleas of the unprepared after the Big One, and yes, we need to game how we will deal with those who will seek to "redistribute the wealth" of our supplies by force after the SHTF.

Some survivalist authors suggest giving until it hurts. This is in line with the highest ideals of Christianity and several other religions and will certainly help increase the force of Good locally in the event of a disaster. But it will be important to give in such a way that you are not directly marked as the Horn of Plenty. If this happens, your OPSEC is gone, making you vulnerable to State confiscation of your "horded supplies" or, even more likely, return visits by those you helped with many more mates to help gather your supplies for the sake of the horde. Perhaps giving through your church, if it is still standing? Or maybe supplies placed outside your perimeter as if "dropped" by a passing group.

Others counsel giving nothing out, essentially applying the paradigm of the lifeboat to one's survivalist encampment. I have problems with this one as I know I could not say no to hungry fellow citizens, especially kids. Which means that I, and the many others who have way too much compassion, will probably end up in numerous firefights with hordes of looters after acts of charity post-disaster. So the lifeboat gambit has definite validity. One author suggests "playing poor" so that you appear to be as destitute as everyone else, neat trick if you can pull off shamming the African famine look.

You need to think through your responses to civil unrest in times of disaster now just as you must think through your family emergency plan and defensive use of firearms before the event if you hope to respond in an effective way.

If you hand out food to unprepared residents you will drastically increase the risk of looters at your compound (those you help will not keep your kindness a secret) but you will have done the humane thing. On the other hand, if you choose to keep your supplies to yourself with no provision for charity for the less fortunate, then you had better mentally get used to the necessity to turn away or even shoot fellow citizens whose only crime was not preparing for crisis--this includes turning away or shooting women and children.

Of such decisions are madness made. Think about it, a family is starving after SHTF, they know you have food. If I was the head of household, I would consider taking you out so my family can survive. Maybe I'd feel guilt about offing you and your mates but, if I'm a Christian, I will know that I am forgiven so you will be dead, reduced to a wan memory of the Hard Times after the crisis is over. The converse of this is you driving off the unprepared so you and your family can survive, shooting as necessary in defense of your family, then maybe having nightmares for years.

Whatever you decide to do in re: the unprepared post-SHTF is your choice. Just make sure you can live with it by thinking it through now. As far as preparing for serious social work with looters; mentally rehearse your responses to robbers and burglars. Shoot targets depicting real bad guys not circles. Read some good books on defensive preparedness by Gabe Suarez, Mas Ayoob or others who deal with the mental aspect of self defense. Consider taking a force on force class to get a chance to practice under real world conditions. In general, maintain good physical and mental health to better deal with the stresses of social disruption.

Part #2 will deal with the sociology of civil unrest and that beloved NWO takeover scenario. Until then, plan to survive, plan to maintain a good society no matter what.

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