Sunday, July 19, 2009

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Class Change

RTBAV class will be held at Lewis and Clark County Library (120 S. Last Chance Gulch, Helena in the large meeting room) this Tuesday, the 21st from 615PM-830PM rather than on Wednesday, the 22nd.

Sorry about the change; room was not scheduled, luckily I checked. No publicity done either. So if you are in the Helena, Deer Lodge, or Butte area, come on down for this class which deals with security issues related to survival. Network, exchange tips with each other, learn from the experiences of those who have faced living in high crime areas and learn some opsec tips for SHTF.

Again, class is free of charge. You get a good student book too.

For those outside SouthWest Montana, try these websites for tips on surviving the coming "Change and Hope": A site for women, authored by a woman, on armed self defense. Very good on the mental aspects of surviving violence, light on technical minutae of bullet weight and esoterica of powder choice. Blog article on defending your supplies from looters and the State. Ignore this aspect of survivalism at your peril. Defend University. Great name, great articles on crucial aspects of self defense and situational awareness. Site has a few good articles on crime prevention from a country which made our recent mistakes, from 1994 on; so read this material to prepare for our descent into the abyss when SHTF here. Solid advice from a place which makes Oakland or Detroit look like heaven. A few good, brief, articles on what to do when SHTF and your side has WIAs! Practical articles that will appeal to the survivalist medic looking for ways to prepare for beyond Check Call Care first aid. 100 things that you need to be prepared. The comments at the end from a survivor of Sarajevo are both instructive and chilling when you read them.

Be safe. Be prepared, be strong in faith (of your choice).

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