Saturday, September 5, 2009

Surviving Disasters: On Spike TV

Indian Police seek Out Terrorists near Colaba in 2008

Knowledge is power. And knowledge in a crisis, coupled with determination, can spell the difference between life and death. So today, here is a review of a must-see new series, Surviving Disasters. Show is on Spike channel and features high production values, excellent direction/editing, and most important of all, solid, practical information that anyone can use.

The host, Cade Courtley, is a former Navy SEAL who has the rhetorical skills to make this show appeal to all, not just to males who like “action” movies but to "regular folks" of either gender and nearly all ages.

Series premiered this week with an episode on surviving ,and prevailing, in case of an aircraft hijacking. Script is politically correct enough that ACORN and CAIR are unlikely to protest the episode as “racist” or “anti Muslim”. The terrorists look like two Maghrebis, a Latino, and a White, probably meant to be a Bosnian Muslim or Soros Agent of Change.

Likewise with the group of passengers who carry out a successful ad hoc plan to retake the aircraft. Women are given strong characters to identify with in this episode and men are shown “regular guys” who rise to the occasion to identify with. I hope the producers keep this paradigm; it will mean big success and strong audience share as those who don't like MMA or traditional “male movies” (sports, over the top war...) will tune in this show again and again.

Techniques shown are all simple, easy to remember, and easy to execute. Of course, we know that the best thing to do when confronted by violence is to try and find common ground with the assailants and carry out open, culturally sensitive negotiations to resolve the core issues which drove the formerly saintly perps' to violence. Or you can just strike back decisively in the name of saving innocent lives as the everyday folks depicted in this episode do.

The acting is good and the special effects serve to advance the plot and learning experience. Hopefully, some “directors” in Hollywood will watch this show and learn anew how to hook an audience. The blood and violence in this episode are enough to get the point across clearly without going over into grindhouse or gorno Hollywood sewage.

So this show is watchable by those who don't like the sight of blood, etc. At the same time, it will give those individuals an idea of what to expect if the real thing happens, thus enabling them to be more effective come the wolf at the door. From my years of training people of all types in preparedness, this approach works very well in truly internalizing the lesson and increasing the likelihood of the viewer being able to take effective, positive, action when confronted by the real deal.

Upcoming episodes will deal with hurricanes, a mall shootout and surviving fires. Give this one a look see. Very intense staging so not for young children. But outside of that, I think Spike has made a show for the whole prepper family to view and discuss. Be prepared, stay alive.

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