Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crime Prevention Conference

Part of prepping is doing your part to help your neighbors and community in preparing. The Montana Board of Crime Control and Crime Prevention Council are holding a conference next month.

The 3rd Annual Montana Crime Prevention Conference will be held in Bozeman October 14-16 at the Best Western Grantree , 1325 N 7th Avenue. Registration is free and available online.

If you are affiliated with a law enforcement agency, court, service provider, educator or the like, then sign up for this conference. There will be some good sessions this year on police-citizen cooperation, some good youth-related sessions, and a session on our state's high suicide rate.

Bozeman is a great town for a conference too. For a great lunch; try the Pickle Barrel just off campus of Montana State University or Naked Noodle on Higgins, just off Main. For dinner, Montana Aleworks, on the far East end of Main serves awesome food and brew. Montana Harvest Natural Foods, on South Higgins just off Main, is very prepper friendly and has an excellent selection of grains and other prepper needs. Gallatin County Pioneer Museum is a real treat and is only about 1.5 miles from the Conference.

If you come to the conference or if you are in the Bozeman area, let's meet. I'll be the guy from the NRA with the cane.


idahobob said...

Hmmmmm.....Crime control and Crime Prevention.

Here's a novel thought, How about if the state uses the funding that they use for militarizing the JBT's to create rifle and pistol ranges so every citizen can be properly trained to protect themselves and their family's.

The criminals would then go looking for much easier targets in, oh, lets say, Kalifornication.


MT_serval said...

Good idea! In fact, such a program exists (for now):

My NRA buddies have spoken well about this program.

It is a fact; where carry is allowed, the crime rate falls significantly. But. The armed citizens need to practice, otherwise the situation is liable to play into the hands of the Party and its "gun control" catspaws. Do your part locally to encourage new gun owners, I do here in Montana.

Let's all work together to promote broader training for our fellow citizens. God only knows, we the people can deter crime better than the police (who cannot be everywhere at once). With eternal vigilance, it won't happen here.

In Cali', CCW is effectively outlawed in most of the state, the Party-held areas in the name of "social justice". Here's a link to a funny YouTube video that summarizes the Party's arguments against civilian gun ownership:

Thanks for commenting. Glad you live in a sane state where the right to self defense is not considered a breach of "social justice".

A battle prevented is a battle won.

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