Monday, October 5, 2009

Survival Mindset and Personal/Social Survival

Fast one here on a stirring article I read yesterday on a South African blog. It really hits the fastener on the broad spot in its exegesis of the survival mindset for self, family, and society. I also include a link below to a worthy organization here that works to promote more support for our hard working "sheepdogs", the police in their often lonely jobs.

Note that the South African blog does contain some profanity, little in this article though, and it does contain some unkind epithets in re: historically disadvantaged groups. But keep in mind, South Africa made our 2008 mistake in 1994 (believing "Progressive", dialectical materialism trumped common sense) so they are, in a way, our future if we don't remind ourselves as a nation of the words of MLK: that we should all be judged by our abilities and individually rather than discriminated against [or for] merely on the basis of our "paint job". And if we also let the Party balkanize us further in order to rule us completely. Ally with decent people, support appropriate interventions for those of whatever ethnic group who ravage rather than contribute.

If you explore this South African blog further, remember, unlike in the USA and Australia, they did not attempt to exterminate the peoples they found in the lands they settled. Rather, they worked with them, sure sometimes exploiting them but much more often helping improve those peoples' standard of living and education.

Their apartheid system produced some injustices but it also produced much more benefit for the Liberal's "pet- causes-peoples" than the American and British Liberal installed government has done with its system of kleptocracy in the last 14 years there. For example, health care and housing starts were drastically better under the "evil" apartheid regime than under the "rainbow nation" regime that was elected, in a manner similar to Dear Leader's election, in 1994.

Like any society, they took a reasonable idea, separate development of ethnic groups according to their capacity and current values/mores, and implemented it with all the human capacity for good and evil that we all possess. If they had just implemented a political apartheid, which could have helped the various groups develop into the Liberal ideal of citizens, then there might have been less international condemnation than did occur because of the South Africans' social apartheid policies. But in any event, the "Progressives" would have opposed them as part of their Gramscian strategy to destroy the West and set up a Workers Paradise worldwide.

Most of the writers on that blog are people like us who feel cheated by the lies of Hopey Changey that is planned to destroy our very culture in the name of some over grown adolescent "ideal" of "social justice" Party cadre and their dupes heard from their college professor back when the students could still squeeze into their tie dyed bell bottoms.

I write today's post as someone who grew up in a mixed race neighborhood; few Whites with many Chinese, Guamanians and Filipinos. So I know what I am about. I will fight anyone who calls a decent person of whatever race, ethnic group or religion a demeaning name in prejudice. Again, every American deserves to be treated with dignity, even the criminal as they are gunned down by their victim in self defense or the ACORN apparatchik who schemes against our very culture and is caught.

Ends the disclaimer. Enjoy the blog article, it is PG for mild profanity.

Support these people, and our police. One of the best days of my life was when a motorcycle cop was t-boned by a speeder and I was part of a group of neighbors who detained the speeder and watched over the cop until the ambulance arrived. When the cop told us thanks, we told him that we were paying him back in a small way for all he and his lot had done for us.

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Anonymous said...

Good post MT. It's nice to see others perspective on things. That article was an eye opener.

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