Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Preparedness Information

In any survival or emergency situation, food and water are a priority. Here are some links with valuable information to assist you in your preparedness efforts.

Food Storage Facts

Water Treatment and Storage

Food Storage Inventory Sheet

Safe Home Food Storage

Herbs and Their Uses

Storage Guidelines for Oils and Fats

Be aware. Be informed. Be prepared.



Humble wife said...

I pray that a prepper from the great state of Montana takes over and shares their prepping with us.

Shy Wolf said...

WASHINGTON – It's called the Clean Water Restoration Act.

Sounds innocuous enough. After all, who could oppose clean water?

But the bill introduced earlier this month by Sen. Russ Feingold and 23 co-sponsors, ostensibly to protect Americas wetlands, lakes and streams, was running into opposition even before hearings begin.

The Montana Senate overwhelmingly voted to oppose the legislation because it removes control of all of the state's waterways, including temporary ones like seasonal ponds and swamps, from local officials to those in Washington.

The 29-19 bipartisan vote of the Montana Senate was meant to send a clear signal to Washington – "get your hands off our water."
For those in Montana who may not be aware of what's happening in DC (Oberstar of MN is one of the originators of this piece of shit, sad to say) concerning their fine state.
The whole article can be read here:


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